It has been a crazy week, but well worth it, as I am proud to announce to you that we now have a real live website for our cycling journey! Weeeee haawwww!! Check it out –

Massive thanks are due to the folks at iii Design for making the website possible, and to the lovely Andrea Bowers for her diligent work on the project. Now everything you could ever want to know about what we’re doing or how to help, is all in one place. Ahhhhh…. feels so good.

Also (because a totally awesome website apparently is not enough), Garrett just completed production of our official movie trailer, and it’s friggin’ amazing. Please please please…. take three minutes to watch it… … and then share it with all your friends via email, facebook, twitter, or any means you can think of. We’d love for the whole wide world to know what we’re up to, because the greater the reach, the greater the possibility for change. Big love to you all, and thank you for all your support thus far. We couldn’t do it without you. xx