Never have I ever felt how I felt today…… and I have no idea how to explain it. I was floating. Detached. Ungrounded. All the energy of the universe was pulsing through me. It was a light-headed mind/body disconnect like I’ve never known. And it lasted all friggin’ day. But my body has landed. Safely. At an expensive campground in Marianna, Florida. A campground, my friends, with internet. And on that note, I must apologize for the length between blog entries. Access to any sort of reliable internet has been sparse since Baton Rouge. And I must warn you that I have soooo much to say. And, while I’m getting it all off my chest, I should also let you in on a little secret. When this journey is over (which, somehow, is not far off on the horizon) and I’m back in a place in my life where regular access to internet exists, I plan to thumb through the pages of my journal, put fingers to keyboard, and share more intimate glimpses of this journey than I have been able to give you thus far. I have to. There’s so much more to all of this than what I’ve been able to share.

So, it’s true, we are in Florida. A fact that blows our minds every day. We are in Florida. And we got here on bicycles…. There’s less than 400 miles of pedaling before our tires touch the Atlantic Ocean in St. Augustine. And it’s all pretty hard to comprehend. San Diego seems like a lifetime ago. I honestly feel like I was a different person then. My body is healthier, more alive, thighs are stronger, ankles bitten, freckles abundant, bike shorts too big. My average traveling speed back then was, don’t laugh, 5-6 mph. Today? 9-10. 25 miles used to hurt, and now we call 50 easy. I no longer pee on my shoes. bonus. And instead of wincing at the thought of hills, I stand up and conquer them. Like a cycling machine. I crave health food stores. And farmer’s markets. And I can’t stop eating…. And all of that is only a glimpse, at only the physical. The mental, emotional, and spiritual growth I’ve experienced is blowing my mind. To be honest, whatever is going on inside of me is so huge that I don’t even understand it yet. And I’m okay with that… That, my friends, is the reason that I must regurgitate my journal for you in the future as I process this crazy journey… That, my friends, is the written record of the churning of my mind, as my body spins round in circles. And I cannot wait to share.