Holy cow, how time flies….

It seems like just yesterday, in a way, that Garrett and I landed in St. Augustine after three months on the road. The best three months of my life. What an epic journey. All that we saw, learned, shared.. all of it… I’m still processing, every last drop. The Spring of this year has been wild as well. I just landed back home in Cali after four months at sea with Semester at Sea, a University program that circumnavigates the globe every semester, providing it’s students with a truly international and immersion-based learning experience. It was my second stint as the Voyage Photographer, and it was beyond a pleasure to experience, once again, the life-changing power of Semester at Sea, the same power that united Garrett and I in the first place, and the same power that inspired our bike trek.

Through your support and donations, we raised $14,645 for WaterAid International. So we thank you, from the depths of our hearts, for making a difference in this world. There are now approximately 500 people who will forever have access to safe water and effective sanitation practices, thanks to YOU. And this is a trend, my friends, that we would like to, and plan to, continue. There are still hundreds of millions of our brothers and sisters without access to this most basic of human rights. And together we CAN make a difference.

And so, what is next? How will we continue this trend? This effort. This raising of awareness and love. Well, Mr. Garrett has been spending countless hours, days, and weeks, capturing all the video footage from our journey. Yes indeedy. He filmed the whole darn thing. Start to finish. Complete with video diaries every day on the road and interviews from some of the incredible folks that we met and stayed with along the way. And according to him, there’s some real gold in there. But a film isn’t a film without an audience. And to get this out to the masses, Garrett is trying to raise enough fundage to plop this puppy into some big film festivals. If you or anyone you know is interested in contributing to this project, we have set up an easy way for you to do so. Watch the new trailer, and donate what you can, here… http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/887824845/water-tensionworking-titledocumentarycyclingforwat There’s a deadline, too. If we don’t raise the money by the first of June, we don’t see any of it. And that would be a bummer – cause we’re getting really, really, close. Every little bit helps, and we would love love LOVE to share our experience with the world… in hopes of inspiring more grass-roots movements like it, in hopes of inspiring change, and in hopes of inspiring a greater love and greater empathy for our fellow humans.

And now that I’m back on the mainland, I plan to continue blogging… I plan to share snippets of our journey, straight from the pages of a journal filled with thoughts I cannot wait to revisit. So, yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are still around. And yes, we need your help. In any way that you can provide it. Please help us spread the word, raise the money, share the story… and let’s make this thing HUGE. I cannot thank you all enough for being there, for being who you are, and for providing us the support and love that you have over the past year. Y’all are rock stars. Peace and Mega Love, over-and-out, for now. xx