Today, March 22nd, is World Water Day. As many of you know, I have dedicated the last few years of my life to raising global awareness about water. In the Fall of 2010 I rode a bicycle across the United States of America with my darling friend Garrett Russell. We rode from San Diego, California, to St. Augustine, Florida, to raise money for WaterAid International, a charity who’s mission is “…to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities. We work with partners and influence decision-makers to maximize our impact.”

And the story continues is so many beautiful ways.
I’m tickled to share….

1. Garrett has produced an incredibly beautiful documentary about our journey. Daily episodes will be released online, beginning June 9th, 2012, on our website at  Bookmark it now so you’re ready when the magic hits.

2. The official trailer for the aforementioned web series has been released, (YAAAY!) and has already received over 800 views on youtube. You can see it and help us spread the word, here

3. 70% if the water we use globally is for agriculture. I continue to live a “mostly vegetarian” life, which is the best way I can figure to describe the shift in my eating habits in an effort to minimize my personal water footprint. View the groovy interactive chart from National Geographic that was a major wake-up call for me personally, in regards to how much water it takes to produce our food.

4. Garrett and his partner Sarah will begin another epic bike trip in June, continuing to raise funds and awareness for water issues, this time focused on a small group of people in the Amazon who are fighting Chevron in regards to major contamination of local water sources. Watch the full documentary he created about their story, titled “Sipping Black Water” on his vimeo site.

5. I have registered for my first triathlon.  Yowza!  I’m excited!  I will be participating in the Olympic Distance course at Wildflower Triathlon on May 6th of this year.  I hope to continue to fundraise for WaterAid through this major effort at maintaining a healthier & happier lifestyle.  If you are moved to donate and change lives forever through the gift of water, please visit my fundraising page.

6. I have become, accidentally and joyfully, a “professional house-sitter”. Ever since returning from my second voyage as the Photographer for Semester at Sea, and returning to a life all-of-a-sudden absent of my darling doggie-soul-mate, Mitra, I have given up the comforts of having my own home, in exchange for a more sustainable life as a live-in pet-sitter. You can only imagine the joy and snuggles this has brought to my life. Let alone the chance to really live everywhere…. I feel so blessed.

7. I continue to be invited to speak for local networking groups about our cycling journey and how it relates to local and international water issues. Really!? How freaking cool is that? SO cool.

8. Students from Semester at Sea are planning bike trips and fundraisers of their own…. for charities of their choosing… Stepping up and making a difference in this world.  And this brings indescribable joy to my heart.  Keep it up, my good people.  Keep it up.  Together we CAN change the world.

9. In honor of World Water Day, I am offering 10% OFF any photo services in April. PLUS an additional 10% will go directly to WaterAid. (This is enough cash to provide one child with access to clean water for the rest of his/her life). Contact me with the code ‘WorldWaterDay’ to book your discounted shoot today, and change someone’s life forever.

10. My website received a complete redesign and overhaul by yours truly. Wheeee! It was a learning process indeed, and there are more galleries slotted to be birthed into existence in the coming months, but please take a gander and let me know what you think…. I expect you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the enormous size of the the photo-ey goodness. Yum yum!

11.  Last, and definitely not least, a storm has been brewing in my mind as to what is NEXT. What is next, Brittany? How best to continue this cause and this story? Hmmmmmm…. went my mind….. hmmmmm…… for a very long time…. And alas, believe it or not, I think I have figured it out. That adorable little 1985 Miyata 610 touring bike ain’t done yet. No siree! There’s another trek in her future.  A trek further than the last. Slotted for spring of 2013. Without releasing too many details at this time, I want to share the excitement of it all by getting you onboard and aware nice and early in the game.  More miles. More networking. More events. More art. More collaboration. More CHANGE. And most importantly, more water for our brothers and sisters in need. Details coming soon……

On this World Water Day, I challenge you to consider ways in which YOU can decrease your water use.  From the big to the seemingly small.  Because regardless of whether or not we want to face the reality of it, we are running out of water. Imagine the day when you turn on your tap, and nothing comes out. Let’s not take our most precious resource for granted. Let’s look to the future and the NOW and implement changes that will have a positive effect on our future….

Peace, love, and respect.  xx, Brittany