We are getting soooooooooooo excited to share our journey with you!!

*Look for DAILY episodes of “Water Tension” to be released beginning June 9th, 2012.  It will all be happening right here, on CyclingForWater.com

“Water Tension” is a reflexive and experiential journey that will bring to light how connected we all are regardless of our story. A unique and wild ride that will have you feeling like you pedaled all 3,200 miles with us. You will live through the brutal elements, the moments of breakdown and redemption, the joys and hardships of life on the road and the incredible stories of our newfound friends who took part in our nomadic venture. “Water Tension: A Web Series” will educate on the water crisis here and abroad while giving a voice to the people who shared their intimate journeys with us along the way. We interview a diverse group of individuals about their lives, their values, their legacy and their connections to water and the current water crisis. Pedal with us over mountains, across deserts and through the Deep South as we discover who we truly are and how connected we all are through water and our commons bonds. Watch an epic tale of following dreams to the end of the road and beyond. Peace be the journey.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the trailer yet…. please do.  You’ll understand why we can’t wait to share this story.  : )