I have so many emotions coursing through my being as I sit here, talking with my thoughts, gazing out the window of my favorite little coffee shop in Atascadero, California. Cars roll by, the sun is setting on a beautiful summer night, and I find myself completely and totally in love with a man who’s degree of amazing I can’t even keep up with.  My nomadic life is rolling on, forward, shifting gears, and I remain open to the endless possibilities that the Universe seems to constantly toss my way.

Tomorrow morning, Episode 6 of “Water Tension” will go live.  I have just previewed the episode in preparation for tomorrow’s launch, and it’s a big one, ladies & gentlemen.  I cannot wait for you to see it.  I am completely blown away by the love and devotion Garrett Russell has poured into this project.  I cannot believe that I am a part of something so damn cool.  Seriously.  If you’ve seen Episodes 1-5, prepare yourself… they only get better.  (If you have some catching up to do, have no fear!  Here’s where all the episodes are happening, and you can watch anytime… CyclingForWater.com).  Episodes 1-5 followed our journey through our first days on the road in Southern California, some miserably hot Arizona pedaling and the state’s most gracious hosts, and into the crisp and steep and quad-injuring mountains of New Mexico.  Breakdowns, both in the body and the bike, are plenty… and have no fear… They most definitely continue in the forthcoming episodes.  And as I re-live these moments, with you, I am reminded…. no matter how challenging life feels, on the bike or off, we have it SO easy here in the United States, especially in regards to access to the most basic resources.  (Do you know anyone who is without running water in their house?)  I believe that we must, we MUST remember and appreciate what we have, and do what we can, no matter how big or small, to help each other and our Mother Earth, on a global scale… maybe see if we can’t even out the playing field a little bit.  Our daily steps, no matter how small they might feel at the time, are necessary to make positive lasting change in this world, and together, we absolutely can.

Carry your own coffee mug. Use re-fillable water bottles. Eat less meat. Ride a bicycle. Recycle. Let your lawn die. Use canvas bags for all your shopping. Turn off. Unplug. Exercise. Meditate. Donate to a charity. Grow a garden. Volunteer at the Food Bank. Eat all your food before it expires. Go to Farmer’s Market. Live gently. Anything. Everything. It all makes a difference.

So I hope that you’ll join me.  I hope that our journey somehow inspires you and your loved ones to grab your own dream, pluck it out of the sky, and live it.  ”Stand up and be counted”, as my dear friend Tom Carlson says.  Let’s do good.  Good multiplies good.  And that, my darlings, that sounds pretty good….  : )

Episode 6 of “Water Tension” will be live, tomorrow morning, right HERE.  xx