Clean water is something that no one should have to live without, but there’s nearly 900 million people who do not have access to it and 2.5 billion who have nowhere safe and clean to go to the toilet. As a result, 4,000 children die every day from easily prevented diarrheal diseases, and millions more are unable to attend school. But we can help… and that was the reason for this ride.

Our fundraising goal is $20,000. But secretly we’d love to raise even more…
We truly believe that if every single one of us does just a little bit to help each other, the whole world will change for the better, faster than we can even imagine.

WaterAid is an international charity that works in Africa and Asia to provide the world’s poorest people with their most basic need: access to safe water and effective sanitation.  Please consider a donation today, and invite all your friends and colleagues to join in and support the most basic of human rights. Cheers!

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To donate to WaterAid via snail mail… please make checks payable to “WaterAid America”, and mail to : Brittany App, PO Box 3304, San Luis Obispo, CA, 93403.  Thank you!