Santa Cruz Biotechnology

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. is focused on the ongoing development of research antibodies. It is our goal to continue to offer the broadest range of research reagents in the field. We provide superior, innovative primary antibodies and support products.


iii Design

Finally, a professional design studio combining all of the experience of a large agency with the warmth of a boutique firm. At iii DESiGN our innovative team creates fresh, cutting-edge design solutions for all of your marketing needs. From high-end corporate websites, identity packages, brochures and billboards to annual reports and product design, iii DESiGN will help you reach your audience, deliver your message, and benefit your bottom line.

Not that your stuff stinks…but is it fresh?

GH Sports

GH Sports is a unique business specializing in clothing and accessories for running, cycling, triathlon and swimming disciplines in all types of weather conditions. In San Luis Obispo, California, we have a retail store and a website business which allows for online and toll free ordering. At our location we develop, design, and manufacture the GH label of multi-sport technical apparel. Our development of textiles has a long history and with manufacturing in house and by selling direct, GH Sports will provide many benefits to you. Made in the USA.


Native Lounge
Level 4 Restaurant & Lounge
Best Bike Zone
Clean Bottle

And massive gratitude to the following folks for their help & donations…

George & Liz
What would a girl do without a bike!? George contacted Brittany at the first stages of planning, and graciously offered up a bicycle for use on the trip. Not only that, he and Liz, and their friend Kathryn, took Brittany out on her first cycling tour ever, and taught her the ways of the masters. Thank you, bike father, for making this adventure possible.

Milos Nemcik
A dear friend of Brittany’s, and an experienced touring cyclist, Milos was the one to talk some sense into Brittany about the proper timing for the ride when this idea first birthed itself in her brain. He also provided a smiling shoulder to lean on, and panniers (for us both!) to fill with stuff. Thank you, wise one, for your gear and your mind… we love you!

Jim & Linda App
Brittany’s parents. For their love, support, and gear… bound to keep us more comfortable on the road.

Jan & HA Northington & Marion Fitzgerald
Brittany’s parents & grandmother. For their love, support, and gear… bound to keep us more connected on the road.

Michael Marvier
For his generosity in loaning us a water filter… thank you, kind sir!

Andrea Bowers
For her masterful wordpress skills, her beautiful smile, and endless support in making this website a reality.

And a BIG thank you to the supporters of our film

Mike Russell, Shaun, Lauren Miller, Nancy Zuercher, Janet Turpin Marcotte, Becky, Liz Cordoba, Michael Geraci, Erika, Katherine Ganio, Chanly Bob, Benjamin Cox, Eli Feldman, Michael Browning, Lovekickstarting, Alan Searle, Cassandra Kehoe, Chad, Jan and HA Northington, Joshua Simas, Darcy Phillips, Debbie and John Miller, Enie Vaisburd, Roy Day, Thomas Carlson, Ellen Hastay, Hilary, George Griffin, Anna Robinson, Shanny Covey, Lauren Platte, Rebecca Most, LaRayne Rowland, Rob Wilson, Matt Dieter, Jim and Linda App, Jennifer Hardacker, Cory, Tim and Paula Casey, Milos, Adrienne Allen, Stefani Jenness, Jeremy Bonnett, Jillian, Kaley