• 01 : The Process
    Ahhh yes, the process of preparation as it unfolds... a glorious adventure indeed.
  • 02 : Sponsors & Press
    And we present to you the some of the greatest people ever... our sponsors! And some lovely bits of press that we've received thus far. Thank you all!
  • 03 : Sponsor Logos
    All of these folks have helped make our journey possible.... please support their businesses whenever the opportunity presents itself. Cheers!
  • 04 : California
    The journey begins in beautiful California.... September 4th, 2010. At Ocean Beach Park in San Diego.
  • 00 : Maps
    We are following the Southern Tier - a route established by the Adventure Cycling Association. Here you can see an overview of our route according to their 7 map sections.
  • 05 : Arizona
    Crossing the incredibly HOT state of Arizona. September 2010.
  • 06 : New Mexico
    The beautiful state of New Mexico. Crossing the Continental Divide, and summiting Emory Pass at 8,228 feet. Brilliant!
  • 07 : Texas
    Whee haw! Texas......
  • 08 : Louisiana
    Louisiana.... land with water water everywhere...
  • 09 : Mississippi
    Making our way through Mississippi...
  • 10 : Alabama
    After two and a half months on the road, we greet the ocean again, and take a much loved rest day on Dauphin Island.
  • 11 : Florida
    The final stretch....