Water Tension


Water Tension : Episode 16 : Finale : Part 2


Water Tension : Episode 16 : Finale : Part 1


Water Tension : Episode 15


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Water Tension : Episode 12 : Part 2


Water Tension : Episode 12 : Part 1


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Water Tension : Episode 11 : Part 1


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Water Tension : Episode 6 : Part 1


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Water Tension : Episode 5 : Part 1


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Water Tension : Episode 2 : Part 2


Water Tension : Episode 2 : Part 1


Water Tension : Episode 1


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Water Tension Trailer (Extended Version)


Plus, stay tuned: In July 2012 Garrett and his partner Sara will begin pedaling on a new journey around the U.S. “Cycling for Unity: Connecting people in a way that benefits all of us.” (Working Project Title)


About the Series:


“Water Tension” is a reflexive and experiential journey that will bring to light how connected we all are regardless of our story. A unique and wild ride that will have you feeling like you pedaled all 3,200 miles with us. You will live through the brutal elements, the moments of breakdown and redemption, the joys and hardships of life on the road and the incredible stories of our newfound friends who took part in our nomadic venture. “Water Tension: A Web Series” will educate on the water crisis here and abroad while giving a voice to the people who shared their intimate journeys with us along the way. We interview a diverse group of individuals about their lives, their values, their legacy and their connections to water and the current water crisis. Pedal with us over mountains, across deserts and through the Deep South as we discover who we truly are and how connected we all are through water and our commons bonds. Watch an epic tale of following dreams to the end of the road and beyond. Peace be the journey.


Sara Miller
Milos Nemcik

Associate Producers
Molly Nelson
Melissa Laird
Thomas Carlson


About the Filmmakers:


Garrett Russell 

Director, D.P., Editor, Co-creator

I am a diverse filmmaker hailing from Portland, Oregon who focuses primarily on international social and environmental justice documentary work. Growing up in a multi ethnic family with advocates for human rights, international aid and adoption, I was instilled from a young age with the values of cultural interconnection. Essentially, I love people, life and absorbing a plethora of experiences from various perspectives.

I received degrees in Video Production and Anthropology from Pacific University. I have had the fortunate opportunity to travel and produce documentaries in over 20 countries working for SpinFilm, Semester at Sea, GBR Productions and a number of other organizations. My films have spanned the spectrum of content from the worldwide cluster bomb debate, to illuminating the violence in the Congo, to uncovering the destruction and exploitation of the Amazon and its peoples for the sake of oil exploration. I plan on continuing my work in non-profit documentary production, giving untold stories a voice.

I begin a new and exciting cycling video project this June (stay tuned for links). After my journey with CyclingForWater.com, I knew I had to see more of this incredible country and it’s people, and hear the messages that are waiting to be heard. At heart, I am a storyteller who will advocate for the most potent and professional forum in any medium to bring awareness to issues and people that connect us all.


Brittany App 

Photographer, Cam. Op., Co-creator

I am a professional photographer & a self-proclaimed vagabond. I live creatively & abundantly on very little, and I share that life, with you, through the unique story-telling capacity of my relationship with camera.  In no other way can I imagine being able to invite you so deep within the labyrinth of my mind.

My business, App’s Photography, is based in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California. The Central Coast raised me well, and continues to hold me tightly. But those who know me will attest to the fact that I rarely stop moving. I travel locally, throughout California, nationally, and internationally for work.  I have photographed in over 27 countries, sailed around the world twice, ridden a bicycle across the United States of America, shaved my head, fractured a rib, chased a monkey, hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and out again, received awards for my images, fallen in love, summited mountains, backpacked through Italy, been spanked in London, run out of water in the Namibian desert, laughed, cried, lived. My life, my work, my art, my story, my eyes – I share it all, with you….

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Harold Thurman Whitman





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